Hack-Wrap Circular Gifts
September 17, 2019

[Video] How To Hack-Wrap Odd-Shaped Circular Gifts

We know you’re here because you love gift wrapping. So do we. Other than decorations, we love to add sentiment tags and stickers to our gifts. Gift tags and sticker...

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Decorate Gifts with Gift Tags
May 28, 2019

3 Ways To Decorate Favor Boxes Using Gift Tags

Create a crafting challenge for yourself using gift tags. Don’t just hang them from a string. There are many ways to attach gift tags to your gifts. Watch the video...

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Mother's Day Free Printable Gift Tags
March 13, 2019

Free Mother’s Day Printable Gift Tags

Is Mother’s Day your next most special day after Christmas? We are giving away 36 free printable Mother’s Day gift tags in 6 sweet designs you and your mom will...

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How Saying “Thank You” Can Make You A Wealthier Person
October 29, 2018

How Saying “Thank You” Can Make You A Wealthier Person

Start your collection of “Thank You” tags and stickers. Attach them to your gifts and notes, place them on desks or pop them into bouquets to express your gratitude. Snappier...

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September 7, 2018

5 Functional and Practical Wedding Favors People Will Actually Use

Want to give your wedding favors an instant makeover? Make your wedding favors look really gorgeous with a designer touch. Print and cut out these beautiful favor gift tag designs,...

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ScanNCut SVG File Gift Box Pattern
June 8, 2018

[Video & Template] Scan-N-Cut Pattern for Cut-Out Sentiment Favor Gift Box

Imagine a gift box that has its own sentiment pop-up. A greeting card, gift tag and gift box all in one. Coming up with the idea was fun but creating...

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May 9, 2018

Limited Edition Favor Gift Stickers and Tags

We are pleased to launch our limited edition collection of favor gift tags and stickers. This special collection features designs by professional designers. Each design will only be available in...

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Bottle Gift Wrapping Hack
April 27, 2018

[Video] Bottle Gift Wrapping Quickie Hack

We may all be really familiar with the situation of buying a bottle of wine as a dinner-party gift and completely clueless on how to gift wrap it. Sure these...

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April 20, 2018

Make an Appearance on a Hot Air Balloon on Your Wedding Day

The Journey Thank You wedding sticker and tag are recent additions we made to our collection. We started a line of wedding stickers and tags that can be personalised and...

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With Love scanncut self-assembly gift box
April 15, 2018

[Video & Template] Scan-N-Cut Pattern for Self-Assembly Favor Gift Box with a Modern Look

This is not the first time we have showcased this rectangular Scan-N-Cut self-assembly favor gift box. We designed the box pattern using the Brother Scan-N-Cut, and created stylish wedding favors...

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